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P-55 Ltd., Taste Loffice Ltd. and PAN-Expert Ltd. (seat: H-1061 Budapest, 55 Paulay Ede street), are business associations operating under the LOFFICE brand name.




During the identification of the clients Loffice receives data from Coworkers, Seat-host renters and other contractors. Data is managed in compliance with the statutory provisions in force (Advertising Act and Act on informational privacy and freedom of information) in order to provide the ordered services to the persons concerned.

The legal basis of the data management is the consent granted by the contract concluded with the persons concerned.

The duration of data management towards the person concerned is the statutory limitation period of the rightful claims of Loffice, or the period specified by statutory laws; thereof the extended.

Loffice, as data manager does not engage a data processor and data may be disclosed exclusively to the employees and/or subcontractors of Loffice in line with the relevant confidentiality obligations.

The data manager is allowed to disclose any data to a third person only for the purpose of fulfilling a statutory obligation or on the basis of the consent of the contractor concerned. 

Explicit consent is required from the contractor for data management on direct marketing by Loffice, in case of  which the contractor makes a declaration (either an express consent or a refusal).

The persons concerned are entitled to request information at any time about the management of their personal data from Loffice, as data manager; they can request the correction of their personal data and they can request their cancellation and blocking – except for obligatory data management. 

In case of infringement of their rights, identified clients may seek legal remedies before court or before the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (www.naih.hu).


Budapest, 2017.  


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