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Success of Loffice at the European Parliament
Panni Klementz, co-founder of Loffice coworking, was invited by the European Commission to hold a lecture at the European Parliament, in the framework of the Startup Europe initiative.
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LOFFICE in the European Parliament
LOFFICE will have a presentation about the importance of community work in the European Parliament on the next Wednesday. We are glad to share our experiences. Please, feel free to join us.
Happy Discount! We would like to give you a present as the holidays are coming!
In December we provide 10% discount on the rent of our event spaces in Paulay Ede and Sas str. Say good bye to 2013 in a downtown loft or in an event space designed in an authentic tenement house in Budapest.
Donate colors for needy children!
If you want to make a few children's Christmas more colorful, bring us some or better a lot of colored pencils, felt pens, watercolors or whatever you like to allow needy children to make the world around them more vivid!