Loffice Budapest News Busy in the summer weeks? Balatonföldvár is...

Busy in the summer weeks? Balatonföldvár is the place to be!

Busy in the summer weeks? Balatonföldvár is the place to be!


Loffice summer workstation & beach apartment. Relaxation or work? You can also buy our urban & Balaton office packages combined - with 20% discount in May and June! 


Do you want to retreat from the digital world during the summer weeks to relax and organize your work duty in peace and quiet?

Then Loffice’s analogue workstation is the perfect place for you!

A cosy, compact design apartment waits for you in the Jázmin resort of Balatonföldvár with full-comfort: workstation, kitchen, shower, king-size bed, mini wardrobe.

The resort’s garden - where parking is also granted - has a direct pass to the beach, so you only have take a few steps to bath in the waves of Lake Balaton. You can also enjoy culinary adventures at the nearby restaurants.

Jázmin Apartment House // 1 Rákóczi Ferenc Street, Balatonföldvár 8623, apartment 2/13

Beach workstation prices:

5 days package  60.000 HUF
7 days package  78.000 HUF
4x7 days package 290.000 HUF

Combined summer packages:

10 days combined Loffice 5 days + Balaton 5 days 80.000 HUF
15 days combined Loffice 10 days + Balaton 5 days  87.000 HUF
Monthly combined Loffice 24/7 monthly package + Balaton 5 days 105.000 HUF

Do you have questions? Contact us at the Loffice reception, at the +36 70/318 6356 phone number or at office@loffice.hu!

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