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The European Coworking Network project started on the 20th of August, 2015. Loffice is one of 7 partners participating, our 6 beloved partners-in-crime are ZADRA NOVA, Grad Zadar and Impact Hub Zagreb (from Croatia), Organisation for the Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria (Spain), Social Innovation Center (Latvia) and Betacowork from Bruxelles (Belgium).



The project has been initiated by Croatian partners ZADRA NOVA and the City of Zadar. The first kick-off meeting took place in Zadar, on 24 and 25 September of this year. Coworking spaces are hubs for the entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, teleworkers and organizations that are building Europe’s future economy, pushing forward innovation, jobs, and general growth.

There are already more than 2000 coworking spaces in Europe with committed entrepreneurs and teams that activate and strengthen these networks, improving businesses, knowledge transfer and sharing networks together with the tens of thousands of people and businesses they host.

It is effective tool for supporting entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on supporting young people who are interested in starting their own business.

In the European Coworking Network project our main goal is to promote and inform young people about all the aspects of (social) entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and job creation and coworking is the best platform to perfectionize start-up business ideas, let them grow in an inspirational environment, and together reach a goal of sustainable growth.

All partners run different coworking spaces and have built various coworking communities depending on its users. This project connects different coworking providers (from public, private and civil sector) in order to create a big diversified network and multisectoral cooperation that aims to enhance and boost the self employment possibilities of young people.

“The project addresses specific problems related to unemployment and self-employment of young people: the need to reduce start-up costs (office rent, secretariat costs, ICT tools, etc.), the need to combat the sense of isolation, helping young nomadic workers by giving them the possibility to use affordable office space throughout Europe, the need to stimulate self-employment in a local contexts, the need to increase creative thinking and foster innovation in self-employment and social entrepreneurship.

The project fosters entrepreneurial attitudes, developing multilingualism and use of ICT, promotes use and sharing digital content what is in line with 2015 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of Erasmus+.” – Renate Lukjanska (Social Innovation Center, Latvia).

You can download “A comparative study of coworking models within private, public and non-governmental sectors” Hungarian HERE, English HERE!



Let us present the education module of Erasmus+!

As part of the Erasmus+ program this time we present an education module thanks to the team of the European Coworking Network. The primary aim of the module is to enhance the entrepreneurial attitude of young people and to broaden their knowledge in the field with an educational program.

Now we share the module with the greater public because the project wants every interested organization, office, or educational institute to profit from the outcomes of the two-year program, not only the participating coworking offices.

The module serves as a guideline for a well-built, logical learning day. During the program we can discuss every important aspect of entrepreneurship, from idea-generation through finances to branding. As the module suggests, the mentors of the different topics should be selected from the finest experts of the profession.

The project builds upon the researches and surveys made during the program, the relevant market situation and adapts elements of modern pedagogy.

Additional materials of the module will be available on our webpage.

You can download the Hungarian version HERE and the English version HERE!

Feel free to use the module!

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