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Is your idea beyond borders? You want to start a unique & creative business in the Austrian market? WOW! Then you’re the one we’re looking for.

Vienna WOW, Loffice’s international business consultancy program have been launched! The aim is to prepare Hungarian entrepreneurs and startups to enter the Austrian market, regarding legal, taxing, investment and marketing matters. The business development consultancy day will be held in every half a year.

The chosen applicants will have the opportunity to consult with experts of the Austrian market about their individual business matters. The business development consultation day will be held in every six months.


Vienna WOW will kickstart the participants in entering the Austrian market.

During the first consultation day held on 6 April 2017 our professional partners such as the lawyer of Oppenheim Law Firm, expert of Pioneers Ventures financial network, colleague of Safehaven tax consultancy firm, or the head of the startup division of the Austrian Business Agency gave legal, taxing, investment and business development advice.

In the afternoon of the consultation day Hungarian entrepreneurs active on the Austrian market also shared their experiences. Such as the representatives of the intelligent online marketing platform developer IntellyoMajor Design creative agency, founder of KultPult cultural management and PR, and the former manager of the Vienna Touristic Agency, who just launched his consultancy firm named Good Deal. The participants got overview on what steps they should consider at entering the Austrian market.

Our press appearances (in Hungarian):

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