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Our aim is to support companies in Austria for their start and continuing success. For this reason we can provide you with professional support through a focus on cross-border establishments by advising you on the conditions and necessary steps, and also connecting you to important contacts.

Start-ups are important for Austria, as they open up new markets and opportunities for growth. Young companies create new jobs and stimulate the economy. Nevertheless, founders are also facing a number of challenges, such as finding the right financing to start a company, to follow the necessary formal steps or to establish contact with the proper authorities.

As part of our consultation, we provide assistance with cross-border business administration. We will gladly help you in responding to the requirements and practical issues of entrepreneurs, from the legal aspects of business to dealing with official channels. Through our workshops, business and networking events, we contribute to business success through a variety of activity.

Please, feel free to contact us for an initial free orientation session at office@loffice.hu

Among many things, we can provide assistance in the following areas:

Legal Framework

Which business license do you need? Which legal form is right for you? Which taxes do you need to pay as an entrepreneur? Which formal procedures will you encounter?

  • Company Establishment and Legal Services
  • Business Registration
  • Commercial Social Security
  • Finance Office (Tax number)
  • Health Insurance (Registration of employees)
  • Chamber of Commerce


Business Basics

How much capital do you need to implement your business idea? What financing and funding opportunities are there in Austria? Which framework should I consider regarding corporate governance?

  • Promotions in Austria
  • Financing
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Recruiting employees
  • Business Insurance



  • Real Estate Agent
  • IT & Back Office
  • Programming & Graphic Design (logo, website, etc.)
  • Interpreter
  • Consulting & Coaching 
  • Networking
  • Event management
  • PR Consultancy
  • HR Consultancy


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