Loffice Budapest House rules


Use Loffice areas according to their designated purpose. Please do no violate legal directions, rules of the House Rules or those of the Terms and Conditions, as consequences are yours to bare.
We ask you to smoke only at designated outdoor areas such as the inner garden and the terrace.
At your first visit we ask for your ID card and credentials and make a photocopy of them, for data confirmation. We handle your data discreetely and will not expose them to unauthorised third parties.
Our kitchen supplies you with a fridge, electric kettle, coffee brewer, foamer, dishwasher and cutlery.
Loffice’s kitchen is a self-service area. We ask you to take care of cleanliness and use the dishwasher after you had your coffee or tea.

Please be quiet! Loffice is pirmarily a work environment. When listening to music please use headphones.

Loffice is an open office. Just to be safe monitor your belongings as we do not take accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. At your request we safekeep your items in a locked environment.
Loffice is a pet friendly work environment; your housebroken pets are welcomed guests.
When you need to conduct confidential phonecalls and you are uncomfortable with being public, or vice versa: you are making others’ work harder our sound-proof meeting rooms allow no eavesdropping.
Your guests are our guests, the responsibility over them is yours.

Equipment: scanner, printer, photocopier, projector and screen, audio system, flipchart, postbox, document holder, stationaries, kitchen equipment.
 The installation link of the printer can be asked at the receptionist desk.

Using the internet is ensured to all Loffice coworkers. It is strictly forbidden to view and download illegal contents on or from the internet. This applies to music and video downloads, amongst other contents. Furthermore it is forbidden to use illegally downloaded software and hacking software as unauthorized connection to other coworkers’ devices is also prohibited. Downloading web-contents can only take place at the user’s own responsibility. The wifi password can be found on the door. 

Leave your bike locked at the inner garden bike stand. If you don’t have a lock, inquire at the receptionist desk: we’ll do our best to help.
Live dynamically: do sports. After your morning jog you don’t need to go home, you can take a shower in Loffice.
Select your trash. Please collect your trash int he designated containers.
If you wish we receive your postal packages, which you can redeem at the designated postal room (see seat hosting service).
Re-renting or lending your workstation can only be offered with consultation previous to the re-renting or lending.


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