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Loffice 10


10 évesek lettünk és idén egész évben szülinapozunk! Figyeld híreinket és csatlakozz →


Szórakoztató és olykor szívhez szóló visszatekintéseink mellett sok rendezvénnyel és legújabb future-proof helyszínünk, a közösségi modellek kozmopolita központjának, a Loffice Salétrom év végi nyitásával készülünk.

Tarts velünk, élvezd ki és tégy hozzá te is a Loffice elmúlt 10 évnyi missziójához és víziójához.

Mi dobogtatja a szívünket 10 éve?

#1: Our community
You are the ones bringing our spaces to life. You are our motivators and continuous inspiration. Your success are ours and our success are yours too. Without you, there is no us.


#2: Sharing
Sharing is caring and it makes our heart beat for the 10th year. Coworking is much more than sharing an office space. It is also a free distribution & multiplication of knowledge, ideas, social connections, our personal lives and our everydays. Sharing happiness, success as well as bad days. This is how we become one big family


#3: Family
First born Loffice Budapest, then by opening Loffice Wien and our next offices in Budapest we became one family. Then came Misa, baby boy of our co-founder, Panni Klementz, followed by our baby project Loffice Coworkid. And now an even bigger and more innovative multifunctional urban melting pot is in the pipeline where our dream can finally come true: uniting family and work, merging the living space (#coliving), the working space (#coworking) and babysitting of the kids in the block. And how many other great things can be born in this family of ours! 


#4: Responsibility
Be it environmental or social, for 10 years and forever we are trying our best to minimise the ecological footprint of our business and maximise our services and values provided to society. Besides operating green Loffice buildings we also support & lend a second home for social initiatives such as Nyitottak vagyunkUtcajogászSharingEconomy.huStartup Safari Budapest, Bridge Budapest


#5: Diversity
The secret to our success is that we are many and all different. It’s worth to be open as the more you open up the more opportunities come around, the more valuable people you meet and the more you become yourself. Let’s celebrate a peaceful, diverse and exciting future!


#6: Enjoying Businesses
Collaborating, creating and enjoying businesses makes our heart beat for the 10th year! We can’t list all the fantastic coworkers, startups, companies and businesses we had the luck to encounter with in the past decade but one thing is sure: it’s been a great ride with all of you and we don't even think about calling it off… see our next chapter building up at Salétrom street 4.


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