Loffice Budapest News Christmas Donations for a Valuable Experience

Christmas Donations for a Valuable Experience

Christmas Donations for a Valuable Experience


As a tradition, instead of giving away gitfs to our friends and partners, Loffice and Coworkid Foundation propose to donate together with the community, for those in need of better. Help us making this Christmas memorable for 80 kids.


As a tradition, this year we again would like to help the needy and kick off our Kidsmas campaign to collect munition for an experience-based gift beneficial to the Budapest Child Protection Service and for the 80+ kids living in their Receiving Homes. These 3-18 years old children and adolescents are taken care of in these homes because they are temporarily unable to live with their families due to some crisis situation. Since the Homes have many toys and cloth donations already, we asked the kids what Christmas experience they would choose if they could go out somewhere in the city. We figured they long for simple things that might be so natural for us but is special for them: they would love to go the circus, to theatre and to the movies, so now we are collecting donations for their tickets.

The Budapest Child Protection Service and the kids would very much appreciate your contributions - we look forward to your contributions until 13th December:

  • in cash, which we collect in the donation jar placed at our reception desk
  • via bank transfer to the Coworkid Foundation's bank account (reciver: Coworkid Családi Munkaközösség Alapítvány, account no.: 16200106-11608798, note: ADOMÁNY)

To be able to take the kids out and provide them with a fun experience, it's about 3.000 HUF per kids we are aiming for but of course any help is welcome within your capabilities.

Thank you for your help! MERRY KIDSMAS!

Team Loffice & Coworkid


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