Loffice Budapest News Vienna WOW 3.0 - Cross the borders!

Vienna WOW 3.0 - Cross the borders!

Vienna WOW 3.0 - Cross the borders!


Is your idea beyond borders? You want to start a unique & creative business in the Austrian market? WOW! Then you’re the one we’re looking for.



Vienna WOW, the international mentorship program of Loffice Budapest offers comprehensive help for Hungarian entrepreneurs willing to prevail in the Austrian market, by supporting their successful start and operation in the fields of legal matters, taxing, business mentoring, PR and marketing and financial possibilities.

▶︎ 10.00 - 10.30 | Welcome to WOW
Join our comminty table and share your business story!

▶︎ 10.30 - 11.00 | Keynote presentations
Receive first-hand information on tendering opportunities in Austria and its smart business attitudes.
- Vienna Start-up Package by ABA - Austrian Business Agency
- Vienna Business Agency - Vienna Startup Package 2019, Start Alliance program

▶︎ 11.00 - 12.30 | Speed dating - date an expert!
Experienced professionals share their knowledge to ensure you are on the right way straight from the beginnings.
- ABA - Austrian Business Agency
- LBG Austria - Tax, Audit, Consulting
- Oppenheim Law Firm
- Vienna Business Agency

All presentations will be in English language.

Free entry but RSVP required: https://bit.ly/2JhNT1n
RSVP deadline: 6th April 2019

Why Wien?
Austria is a close, secure, capital-intensive country with a sparkling economic and creative world perfect for innovative ideas. Recognising that startups are creating new markets and bringing growth for the Austrian economy, Austrian and Viennese decision-makers are supporting young entrepreneurs with favourable start packages and investment opportunities.

Why WOW?
More and more Hungarian companies are planning to enter the Austrian and international markets. It is key for them to receive tailor-made advice from experts with international experience in a wide range of business areas. The business development program Vienna WOW is launched by the Loffice team for the third year now gives you the necessary boost to cross the border!

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